EDC Caterpillar from Buff Laser on Vimeo.

‘Who are you?’ said the Caterpillar.
Discover the answer under the Electric Sky…

The EDC Caterpillar is a 37 foot tall, human-powered, rotating, projection-mapped sculpture. Comissioned by Insomniac Events, the installation has been showcased EDC NY, EDC Las Vegas, and Nocturnal Wonderland. 4 HD video projectors (each on a tower 100 feet away) illuminate the sculpture while software tracks rotation and renders graphics in real-time.
Design / Programming / Content: Todd Moyer
Fabrication Lead / Mechanical Design / Artistic Development: Jonathan Hamilton, Crash Design Studio
Project Manager / Documentarian: Doyle Leeding, Leeding Image Photography
Metal Work: Vince Wong
Encoder Electronics / Firmware: Andy Baker
CNC Carving: Daniels Engraving
Transportation: Vito Sanchez, Night Train Express
CAD Work / Build: Tara Saylor
Build Assistance: George Rodriquez
Publicist: Julie Rasmussen, A Little Birdy Told Me
Special thanks to Ian Oosthuizen, Art Curator for Insomniac Events.
EDC Las Vegas Crew:
Manny Coral, Jonathan Hamilton, Doyle Leeding, Todd Moyer, Fernando Ocampo, Vince Wong, Rocio Zarate
Music “Altitude” by SPL